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10 October 2013
First instapost from home. Since I have been home I havent been using instagram almost at all. There is not so many memorable events or things as it was in Spain or on my travels. 
This is my usual outfit for school and work and my new helper for the hectic days by Marc Jacobs. :)
Last days of summer, my grandma's and grandpa's dogs and icredible pizza from Marco. :)
Even my mother's cat is watching Spartacus; sweet cake for better weekends; some serious reading; my brother, small hockey player
Prague :)

Wanna read something good? For the Italian speaking people, HERE you can find book and ebook of my boyfriends poetries.

Do you use a lot your instagram?


  1. love ur blog! stay in touch xo

  2. Paradne fotky, ta posledna je naozaj super. :)


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