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7 October 2013
Here is the list of things which help me to survive harsh mornings and all day at university.
1. For sure breakfast, without good and sweet breaktfast I cannot work, move and breath.

2. Well, I guess I don't have to mention coffee and a cute small cup from my baby. Right? :)
3. Book without any connection to university and beautiful hands with yummy handcream and great nail polish from my friend.
4. Cat which makes us always laugh a lot.

Wanna read something good? For the Italian speaking people, HERE you can find book and ebook of my boyfriends poetries.

What makes your day better?


  1. i can't also live without coffe.
    i follow you back :-)

  2. Americké romány jen v originále! Zlepšuje to AJ :-) Já jsem se dala na čtení v ŠJ, tak uvidíme...

    World By Bella

  3. super fotky!


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