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how I loved Maribor

1. července 2018

At certain point, when I wasn't able to write a single article, a sentence or a word from my past travels, I have decided that travel tips and tricks were kinda enough and it didn't give me any pleasure. Maybe.. but just maybe, bigger fun is gonna be, for you and for me, the stories of the citites I have visited.
I was kinda sad when I left my mum and brother at the train station in Vienna and I wanted to go home and be sad at home. And I didn't wanna go to another country.. alone. It seemed like the beginning of an end. And to tell you the truth, it kinda was, but that is a different story.
However, I have changed (slightly) my mind in Maribor.
I have fallen in love with Maribor immediately and to tell you the truth, the concept of love seems to me recently like a strange thing that was invented by older women to help young girls become these strong, independent women. They tell you stories about love, so you want it as well, but at the end of the day, it is just a concept to help you grow and see how world can be.. unmanageable?
So the point of my story is, that I really loved Maribor. Mainly because I just like Europe. It is so pretty, organized and clean with a huge selection of beers. Everywhere, all the time.
Maribor is cute and sweet, without people. It was super hot, as usual the backpack got super heavy in 5 seconds and I was thinking: why do I have to do these things when there is gazillion degrees outside.
So I went to the smallest street I have found, because those are the best obviously, and I have found the smallest and cutest cafe/shop in the whole world. Where would traveler like me go, right? Shame on me, I guess and all the hipster nonsense.
Anyways, the lady in cafe Smetka gave me this love note/good luck wish or something just to break my heart just a little bit more. You can read it by yourself in one of the photos.
Yep and I still claim that thing about love I have written before.
So since this is all about love.. and obviously I wrote this article about one month ago, the question goes like this: Where does love go when it is not there anymore? Is it like with an idea or like an inspiration (here is the explanation), does it just jump to another person who needs it right now? So does that mean that you don't need it?
Anyways, the very last point, that in Maribor I have stayed with my dear friend Tanja, who I have not seen for five years since our incredible Erasmus fun in Huelva, bottom of all the universe probably, and I have really enjoyed my stay there. It was just so nice and refreshing and to cut it short, Tanja, sweetie, this article is in English mainly for you. Haha. Thanks again.
You truly do not know what you miss till you have it or see it or touch it or hear to just to put simply, sense it again. If that makes any kind of sense to you.
Cheers, let me know what you think in the comments.

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