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22 November 2016
Coimbra, Portugal

Obviously, Coimbra is not on the top of your to-go list in the world and probably neither in Portugal, but when I was here first time four years ago, we visited it even though it was cold and raining. Actually I didn't remember it so beautiful and peaceful. So don't hesitate, if you have a chance to go here:

1. One of the most beautiful universities I have ever seen.
2. Beautiful parks.
3. The city from the river view looks like from Game of Thrones.
4. You can taste special sweets made from cream and eggs and it isn't pasteis de nata, like everywhere. Although I didn't like it, I still recommend it.
5. One day is enough to enjoy a typical portuguese city.
6. Small and cute streets with old and colorful houses. That's basically reason to live (and travel).
7. No tourist.

Check my first visit of Coimbra HERE.
Coimbra, Portugal
Coimbra, Portugal
Coimbra, Portugal

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